2019 ALTA Fall Report

NEW ALTA Trustee Forum has launched!

But that’s not all, ALTA also has a new website, database, membership directory, calendar of events and more!  Check it outwww.librarytrustees.ab.ca

The Trustee Forum is our first member only site.  Your ALTA membership needs to be current and all library board members names and emails are listed on your ALTA membership to ensure your trustees have access to the trustee forum.

2020 Trustee Handbook

The former Trustee Handbook is currently in revision, with many updates, new resources will be added and new content.  Watch for its release in April 2020 at the ALC.

Library Advocacy

Collaborating with our partners, Regional Systems, TAL and LAA, we  continue to advocate for public libraries in AB including letters to the Minister of Municipalities.

Trustee Education

New trustee presentations for 2020.  Also in discussion possible educational podcasts with our partners.

2020 Board Nominations

Nominations for the Alberta Library Trustee Board of Directors will open December 1, 2019 – January 31st, 2020.  For more information please go to http://www.librarytrustees.ab.ca

Nominations will be accepted for Directors and Alternates in the following Areas;

Area 2 (Yellowhead), Area 4 (Marigold), Area 6 (Shortgrass), Area 8 (Northern Lights)

New to the ALTA Board

Camille Zavnisha new Director for Area 1 (Peace)

Brian Heidecker, new Director for EPL

Craig Blackmore, new Alternate for Area 7 (Metro)

2020 ALTA Awards

Nominations are open for the 2020 ALTA Awards, to recognize Library Boards and long serving trustees.

2020 ALTA Memberships

Your 2020 Library Board membership campaign begins November 1st, 2019.

Note: Ensure your library board’s names and emails are added to gain access to the trustee forum.

2020 PLSB Symposium

This event has been cancelled and will not be held in February 2020.