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Appendix B: Further Resources


Trustee and Board Development


First and foremost, check out the resources and link available on the ALTA website:

The list below is by no means complete. If your library does not have copies of the resources listed, ask your library about borrowing the item via interlibrary loan.

The Libraries Act, L-11, RSA 2000

The Libraries Regulation

Public Library Service, Alberta Municipal Affairs

Board Development Program, Programs & Services, Community, Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women status-of-women.aspx

Information Bulletins, The Board Development Program publishes information bulletins on a variety of board- related issues relevant to nonprofit board members and senior staff looking for information about improving skills in governance; includes writing grant proposals, budgeting, financials etc. Take a look: info-bulletins.aspx

Board Development Workbooks
Produced by the Board Development Program and the Muttart Foundation. Titles include:

Advocacy: Talk About Libraries and Influence the Political Process
Produced by the Library Association of Alberta (LAA). Information to help your Board connect with political candidates.

ALTA Advocacy Presentation
Developed by Diane Osberg, 2013.

ALTA Trustee Workshops
Workshops are presented at the regional library conferences and at the Alberta Library Conference.

ALTA Trustee Toolkit
Links to online resources providing information on many aspects of library trusteeship.

Trustee Orientation, video and workbook
By Iris English and Patricia McNamee, Alberta Library Trustees’ Association, 2000. ISBN: 0968733417. Every Alberta public library received a copy when these materials were published in 2000.

Marketing and Funds Development: A Kit for Alberta Public Libraries
By Darryl Goede, Alberta Public Libraries Marketing Implementation Team, 1993.

Giving voice to a ‘quiet’ majority: Final report to the Alberta Public Libraries Marketing Task Force
By Calder Bateman Communications, 1991.

The Effective Trustee Handbook
By Sue Dutton and the Canadian Library Association, 1987.

Free Management Library
A complete online library for non-profits and for-profits, to be freely printed and used.

Recruiting Volunteers: The Grizzly Creek Solution: A How-to Workshop for Recruiters of Volunteers Video produced by the Boy Scouts of Canada, 1988.

Handbook for the Canadian Library Trustee: On Being a Library Trustee
By the Canadian Library Trustees Association, 1995.

Learning Resource Guides, Volunteer Alberta’s Resource Centre
In particular, see the “Board Membership and Roles” and “Program Evaluation” sections.

Friends for Small Libraries
By Margaret Law, published by the Canadian Library Association, 1991. ISBN: 0888022646.

A Handbook for Cultural Trustees: A Guide to the Role, Responsibilities and Functions of Boards of Trustees of Cultural Organizations in Canada
By Marion Paquet with Rory Ralston and Donna Cardinal. University of Waterloo Press. 1991. ISBN: 0888980795.

Virginia Public Library Trustee Handbook, 2005 Edition WithCover.pdf

Library Security and Safety Handbook: Prevention, Policies, and Procedures
By Bruce A. Shuman. American Library Association, 1999. ISBN: 0838907148. Full text available on Google Books: Safety_Handbook.html?id=1N0iXPx5uqQC

Dealing with Difficult People in the Library
By Mark R. Willis. American Library Association, 1999. ISBN: 0838907601. Full text available on Google Books: Difficult_People_in_the_Lib.html?id=Z1X9xE6_kBwC

The Library Trustee: A Practical Guidebook. Fifth Edition Edited by Virginia Young. American Library Association, 1995. ISBN: 0838906591.

The Trustee of a Small Public Library. Second Edition Edited by Virginia Young. American Library Association, 1992. ISBN: 083895748X.

Funding Resources


Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Under Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women, lottery revenues are distributed to individual artists and arts organizations in the visual, performing, and literary arts, and cultural industries. Libraries fall under Community Support Organizations.

Canadian Fundraising Directory
Formerly the Canada Grants Service. This is a directory of Canadian Grants, subsidies, prizes, and awards, available from government & private sectors. The most recent edition may be available at your library, or you may be able to access an online subscription.

Imagine CanadaFormerly the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy. Contains articles and links of interest to fundraisers.

Community Initiative Grants
Provincial grant funding for operations, programs, and facilities. aspx

Community Facility Enhancement Program under Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women. Provides lottery-based financial assistance for the expansion and upgrading of Alberta’s extensive network of community use facilities. program.aspx

Board Development Program provides guidelines on writing a grant proposal.

Canadian Heritage Funding and Assistance Programs

Volunteer Alberta with The Muttart Fellowships put out a publication on “The Board and Executive Director: Developing and Nurturing an Effective Relationship”

Board Building: Recruiting and Developing Effective Board Members for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada have a series of really helpful, short-ish documents on topics ranging from climate change to budgeting to board recruitment and assessment

Joan Garry Consulting – great set of resources and short blog posts with examples, on a variety of board-trustee-director topics. Keep in mind, US based so not all applicable.

Questions to ask about your budget: nonprofit-budgeting-key-board-roles-and-responsibilities- and-questions-to-a

How to write interview feedback: interview-feedback-28d49be8f975

Performance management process checklist management-process-checklist-1918852

Important Websites for Boards


Alberta Municipal Affairs

Alberta Municipal Affairs: Public Library Services

Alberta Employment Standards

Alberta Labour Relations Board

The Alberta Library: Find a Library

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety

Canada Revenue Agency: Charities

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP)

Government of Alberta

Library and Archives Canada

Alberta’s Regional Library Systems (directory)

Volunteer Alberta

The Alberta Library (TAL)

Workers’ Compensation Board

Library Associations


Alberta Library Trustees’ Association (ALTA)

Atlantic Provinces Library Association: Advocacy Interest Group

British Columbia Library Trustees Association (BCLTA)

Library Association of Alberta (LAA)

Library Boards Association of Nova Scotia (LBANS)

Manitoba Library Trustees’ Association (MLTA)

Ontario Library Boards Association (OLBA)

Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA)

HR Performance Review


ALTA has a HR Performance Evaluation template available provided by the Yellowhead Regional System. Access it at