Who We Are

A wonderful collective mind of all the Alberta Library Boards

About ALTA

ALTA is the collective voice for public library trustees across Alberta. 

We empower trustees to become strong leaders in their library communities and strive to ensure that all library trustees have access to the information, resources, communication, advocacy and training they need to be effective and strong leaders within their library communities.

The Alberta Library Trustees Association (ALTA) was founded in 1971, and represents the library boards and trustees that govern public libraries in Alberta. We serve over 2400 volunteer library trustees across Alberta who provide governance to over 165 library boards across the province. 

Belief Statement

The Alberta Library Trustees’ Association believes that library services are essential to the quality and standard of life of Albertans and vital to the education, social, and cultural development of the province.

Mission Statement

ALTA is the collective voice for library trustees. ALTA builds trustee capacity through education, leadership, communication, partnerships, and collaboration.

Vision Statement

Effective Library Board Trustees providing leadership for great community library services to all Albertans.

The ALTA Board Composition

ALTA Board’s Vision for the Future 2018 – 2019

ALTA continues to collaborate to create the communication and resources to support all library trustees and their boards.  

We understand libraries are ever changing; their needs, their communities, their demographics, and their economies continue to evolve as they embrace diversity and the changing social landscape within their library programs and resources.

For more information please take a look at ALTA’s Leadership Review.

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