ALTA 2021 Membership Fees

As ALTA moves forward over the next couple of years, we intend to expand the services, support, and value that we provide to trustees across the province.  We would like to provide resources and education that is much more interactive and accessible.  We intend to enhance the operations of ALTA by focusing on our operational efficiency, new and ongoing training for members and a new way of offering conference sessions outside the confines of traditional conference formats.  To accomplish this, we had to make some important changes to our fee structure to maintain the viability and operations of our organization.  As such a resolution was ratified at our AGM that introduces a new fee schedule resulting in a change to yearly membership fees for libraries and systems. Over the past 9 years ALTA has maintained the same fee structure without any changes or increases. With our new fee structure that is based on population we are better able to consider the population each board services and set a fee that better reflects the various populations being served. Our new schedule is available at:

ALTA strives to add constant value to board trustees and membership to ALTA will continue to include all of the resources we currently offer along with continued support to boards across the province. The cornerstone of our mission is to empower all of Alberta’s library trustees by providing a hub of tools, resources, knowledge exchange and strategic connections. Our newest upcoming project will include a large-scale production of webinars for board trustees. Onboarding as a library trustee is a challenging task, and boards are often ill equipped to educate trustees on the nuances of their roles as trustees.  With these webinars we hope to fill a large knowledge gap that new and even experienced trustees experience.  Each webinar will include one trustee from ALTA, and a facilitator with experience in board development topics. Topics include but are not limited to; Library Board Budgeting, The Boards role as an employer, Effective Meetings, Building effective relationships and Communication the value of the library.  ALTA sees the need for better and more confident representation on library boards and providing trustees with the tools to translate their legislative responsibilities into the skills needed to shape the libraries and communities that they serve.  We thank library boards across the province for the continued support of our organization and look forward to connecting with you as we move forward together.