ALTA Webinar Series 4

Managing Meetings

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This webinar includes a conversation with Lorisia MacLeod, a librarian in the process of obtaining a professional parliamentarian designation and Jenn Anheliger an experienced library trustee, President of ALTA and a municipal councillor. Lorisia and Jenn discuss processes and mechanisms to equip library board trustees with the skills needed to run effective and efficient board meetings.

Additional Resources

Finding a Parliamentarian for larger meetings, deeper training on meetings skills, etc:

Chairing a Meeting: The Quick & Essential Guide to Rules of Order by Kevin Paul – in less than 80 pages this is a short guide to help meeting attendees or chairs of all experience levels. Available for purchase at several online retailers.

Harvard Business Review has a blog with a number of short articles on meeting management:

This is an ALA resource but Jenn may feel it also may be of use as it doesn’t seem to be too US-context f  Effective Meetings for Library Boards of Trustees. (Although this is a US resource, it provides a clear overview)

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