Area 3, Parkland Update August 13, 2020

Parkland Update – August 13, 2020

This update includes information on:

  1. Parkland Updates
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1. Parkland Updates:

Parkland headquarters has hundreds of white transport bags that are not needed for resource sharing. That was their intended purpose when we ordered them some years ago; however, the use of white bags has dramatically decreased in recent years. So we are offering these to member libraries who are able to use them for local service (for example, as delivery bags for curbside service or grab and go kits). Use the van supplies form if you wish to request some for your library.

2. Resources:

Health and Safety 101: COVID-19 Pandemic Edition Webinar – August 20

While employers navigate conducting business during the pandemic, they have questions about how to get things “right”, and how to support employees and members of the public. This webinar on Thursday, August 20 at 12 pm includes best practice advice for Canadian employers to manage their health and safety concerns during this pandemic. Topics include: how to keep employees safe; what if employees and customers refuse to wear masks; can employees refuse unsafe work due to COVID-19? Use this link to register.

Libraries Build Pathways to Wellbeing Webinar – August 26

Through mixed methods research, the Rural Library Service & Social Wellbeing project found that public libraries are a component of social wellbeing outcomes in rural communities, and there are ways libraries provide service that influence outcomes. Learn about the design and outcomes of this research, the Evidence-Based No Rules Tools under development, and how qualitative data coding made it possible on Wednesday, August 26 from 11 am to 12 pm. For more details, including connection information, see this link.

Spotlight on Social Media: How to Craft an Editorial Calendar

Libraries are relying even more on their online communications to stay connected to their communities since COVID-19 arrived. According to this Charity Village article, “successful social media accounts don’t leave their messaging to chance. Instead, they invest upfront in the creation of a storytelling structure that brings key messages into focus.” Read the full article to learn How to Craft an Editorial Calendar

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