Area 3, Parkland Update August 20, 2020

Parkland Update – August 20, 2020

This update includes information on:

  1. Parkland Updates
  2. Library Updates
  3. Resources

1. Parkland Updates:

In response to the REALM Project’s findings regarding the time coronavirus is detectable on library materials, Parkland’s shipping and receiving department has decided that its current quarantine measures and material handling procedures are satisfactory. If the coronavirus situation changes, Parkland will reevaluate the shipping and receiving procedures and make whatever adjustments are necessary to keep staff and patrons safe and materials moving to libraries in a timely manner.

2. Library Updates:

Alberta Reads Book Club

Book Publishers Association of Alberta is excited to announce the title for the second Alberta Reads book club, Watershed by Doreen Vanderstoop, published by Freehand Books!

The second title announcement will be released publicly on August 28, but the BPAA wanted to let you know in advance. With this in mind, do not release this information until the public announcement has been made, at 10 am MDT on August 28.

Promotion for the book club will primarily take place online through the BPAA website, Facebook, and Twitter. Individual promotions are welcome and appreciated, please get in touch with the BPAA if you are planning anything though so they can assist if needed and make sure the information is available through their own platforms.

As with the first title, Pass Me ByWatershed is available to Alberta public library patrons through the Read Alberta eBooks program. They are encouraging the public in all their communications to borrow the ebook through their library, or to purchase it through their local independent bookstore.

3. Resources:

CIP Project-Based Grant Program

The reopening of CIP Project-Based grant program has been announced, with maximum funding of $75,000, on a matching basis. September 15 intake (for notification in March 2021) is funding that focuses on events, festivals, programs and projects delivered in innovative and creative ways that align with public health measures, and which aim to foster healthy and vibrant communities across Alberta. Reopening the CIP Project-Based grant program aims to support non-profits work to rebuild social connections in communities and support Alberta’s recovery.

Recent Changes to Employment Standards

The Government of Alberta has passed the Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act, which includes changes to employment standards rules. Changes to temporary layoffs, group termination and variances took effect August 15; several other employment standards rule changes take effect November 1. Fact sheets are available to help employers and employees understand these changes. Free online webinars covering changes will be available soon. Contact Employment Standards with questions.

Building a Resilient Alberta Non-profit Sector after COVID-19

Not only are many non-profit organizations faced with revamping how they deliver services, they are also seeing an increase in demand for those services in a time when their revenues and abilities are decreasing. Last month, the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) published the From Emergency to Opportunity report that covers common impacts of emergencies on non-profits, the consequences of a weakened non-profit sector, building a strategy for community prosperity, and more. Download the guide and find out more on the #ABCommunityAdvantage website.

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