Area 3, Parkland Update August 6, 2020


Parkland Update – August 6, 2020

This update includes information on:

  1. Parkland Updates
  2. PLSB Updates
  3. Library News
  4. Resources

1. Parkland Updates:

Parkland Coffee Breaks

The weekly Parkland Coffee Breaks have been a great tool for library staff and trustees to have conversations about important topics, COVID-19 related and otherwise. But as libraries have opened and we’ve found a new normal the need for these meetings has diminished. We will no longer be hosting weekly Coffee Break conversations; however, if there is a topic that you feel warrants a greater conversation please let your consultant know and we might schedule a one-off meeting to get regional perspective. For now, continue to use lib-share to ask each other questions and gather feedback.

2. PLSB Updates:

Updated Public Library Pandemic Response FAQ

The PLSB has updated their Public Library Pandemic Response FAQ (attached) to reflect the current environment. One point of note is an update to quarantine periods for library materials based on the latest finding from the REALM Project, which indicated a 96 hour period for glossy pages (magazines, some books) and board books before testing virus-free. The branch suggests that “libraries may wish to increase their item quarantine period to 96-hours to further reduce the risk of transmission.” Parkland is assessing our quarantine process and will adjust waiting periods as needed.

Masks for Albertans

The Alberta Government distributed 40 million free non-medical masks to Albertans in June and July by partnering with businesses and community partners, including public libraries. The government has no plans to distribute more free masks at this time. Through the PLSB, Parkland received 76,000 masks for member libraries to distribute in the community. We have already sent quantities to each library, and you can request more through the online supplies form when you run low. If you have questions about the masks, please contact your consultant.

The PLSB would like to receive photos or impact stories about libraries having masks, and the inclusion of libraries in the second phase of Masks for Albertans. You can send these to your consultant and we collate and pass them on to the PLSB.

3. Library News:

Stronger Together: Virtual Library Conference – October 1-2

Registration is now open for Stronger Together, a virtual library conference hosted jointly by Parkland Regional Library System, The Alberta Library, Peace Library System, and Yellowhead Regional Library. The conference will take place over two days on October 1 & 2, 2020, and features 41 great speakers, 4 keynote sessions, 24 conference sessions, and 2 vendor panels. And best of all… Stronger Together is free to attend!

At our conference website, you can explore all the details of the conference schedule, find answers to frequently asked questions, and register to attend. Registration will close Monday, September 28th, so sign up now to save your spot.

4. Resources:

Getting Started with Podcasting: Online Expert Panel Webinar – August 13

Join our panel of experts on Thursday, August 13 from 11 am to 12 pm as they discuss the ins and outs of starting a podcast. Learn how to promote yourself, equipment needed, different formats of podcasting, and so much more. Whether you’re brand new to the world of podcasting or looking for a few tips and tricks to amp up your game, this panel is not to be missed! Use this link to register.

Managing Employees in Uncertain Times Webinar – August 13

This webinar on Thursday, August 13 from 11 am to 12 pm will discuss the impact of COVID-19 and how the spill over line between work and home has become thinner than ever. While society reopens and the economy restarts, it remains unclear what the future holds and how the pandemic may continue to unfold, and this means you must be able to manage your employees well during these uncertain times. Use this link to register.

5 Keys for De-Escalating Anger

At a time of physical distancing, some organizations are expressing concern over the physical safety of their employees. People whose work requires them to be in public may experience increasingly intense and emotionally heightened interactions. Hopefully this will not be the case in public libraries; however, you may still want to learn about 5 Keys for De-escalating Anger from the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute.

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Keep well and stay safe,

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