Area 3, Parkland Update July 2, 2020

Parkland Update – July 2, 2020

This update includes information on:

  1. PRL Updates
  2. PLSB Updates
  3. Resources

1. PRL Updates:

Cataloguing Changes

2. PLSB Updates:

Surveys for Libraries Reminder

PLSB is seeking your input regarding public library services during closure, as well as your library’s strategy for reopening the physical space to the public. We ask that you complete both surveys by July 17, 2020.

Survey 1: Public Library Service during the Pandemic Closures. This survey is meant to capture data from the closure period due to the pandemic. The closure period is considered to be from March 17, when Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer issued the directive, to June 12, when Stage 2 of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy began. Use this link to access this survey.

Survey 2: Relaunch Strategies of Alberta Public Libraries. We are seeking information from public libraries about their relaunch strategies. Use this link to access this survey.

ILL News

PLSB staff are working to implement a phased relaunch of interlibrary loan services. In the first phase, the staff side of the interlibrary loan software will be made available, and we will launch our modified government courier service. This will give libraries and/or nodes the opportunity to clear up any backlog. The patron side of the interlibrary loan software will relaunch a month later. Our current target date for phase 1 of ILL relaunch is July 20. 

3. Resources:

Helping Municipalities on the Road to Recovery Webinar – July 7

As municipalities face major shortfalls due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recovery is top of mind. Join Grant Thornton for this one-hour webinar on Tuesday, July 7 starting at 11 am to learn how municipalities can weather the economic storm as we take you through a series of case studies that will demonstrate how unique challenges are being addressed with unique solutions. Use this link to register.

Library Safety and Security Podcast

Library 2.0 has created a new page devoted to a new regular podcast and blog series from Dr. Steve Albrecht on “Library Safety and Security.” You can access the podcast and blog by going to the “Safety & Security” link in the main Library 2.0 menu. This week, Dr. Albrecht has released a 30-minute podcast on “Sexual or Racial Harassment.” You can listen to it on the site or on SoundCloud. They’ve also included an excerpt from the recent Library Journal article, “Security Experts on How to Reopen Safely.” Please note that you will need a free library 2.0 account to access these resources.

Dismantling Institutional Racism in your Library Webinar
One of the major barriers to dismantling institutional racism is a lack of effective vocabulary, analysis, and principles. Libraries have the potential to be at the forefront of efforts to dismantle racism in our country. Tobin Miller Shearer, PhD, introduces you to training on field-tested and research-based concepts you can use to address both issues of institutional racism in your own organization and in the communities to which you connect and serve. Use this link to watch the webinar.

Innovation: From Creativity to Delivery Webinar

All organizations, from service to industry, must create an environment of innovation if they wish to be successful. Innovation does not start with hiring more imaginative people, but rather by fostering an environment that allows creativity and innovation to happen, and where contributions can come from anyone. This webinar from Achieve Centre for Leadership provides practical strategies for stimulating and channeling creativity and innovation into organizational productivity. Viewers will learn how to generate good ideas, identify which ones to pursue, and implement them effectively. Use this link to watch the webinar.

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Happy July!

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