Area 3, Parkland Update July 23, 2020


Parkland Update – July 23, 2020

This update includes information on:

  1. TAL Updates
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1. TAL Updates:

2. Library News:

Masks for Albertans

Parkland has received the masks for distribution at public libraries and we are distributing them to libraries starting with today’s van runs. Libraries will receive masks in boxes of 50, to be divided into packages of 8. Follow the attached repackaging directions before distributing to community members free of charge. You can also watch this instructional video. Although the government’s instructions often reference 4 masks per package, they have recently increased the number to 8 masks per package.

When your library begins to run low on masks you can request more through Parkland’s Library Supplies Form.

211 Alberta, a non-profit service that connects Albertans with programs and resources in the community, is supporting communities by connecting individuals and families to the Government of Alberta’s Masks for Albertans program. 211 is maintaining accurate and up-to-date information for Albertans about mask distribution in their communities. Please fill out the attached questions, about how masks will be distributed by your library, and email your responses to Update 211 if any details change or if availability changes at your library.

Library Association of Alberta Virtual Event Update

On July 14th the Library Association of Alberta hosted a virtual event for libraries to discuss topics such as plans and feelings about the phased re-opening of the province, new opportunities that have presented themselves throughout this pandemic, and whatever else currently occupies their minds. Click here to see the event summary.

3. Resources:

Whose Turn Is It, Anyway? Online Board Gaming and Libraries Webinar – July 28

Closed buildings and social distancing doesn’t need to mean the end of engaging and fun board game groups hosted by libraries. Many libraries have worked hard to organize board game groups, while others are still considering how to get started. Using popular and free online board gaming platforms communities of gamers can continue meeting safely online. This webinar, on Tuesday, July 28 from 1-2 pm, will explore how to make the transition to online board gaming, moderate meetups, and facilitate discussions among participants.

Use this link to register.

How to Find Good COVID-19 Information

In this Folio article, a librarian at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus offers six tips to help people sift through the endless stream of pandemic information and sort out what’s accurate and trustworthy.

Exercises to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute has posted several audio exercises for managing stress and anxiety, for adults and children. You can find additional free COVID-19 Resources on their website.

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