Area 5, Marigold Online – Meetings during COVID-19

New Online Board Meetings during COVID-19

The COVID situation has certainly changed the way we are accustomed to doing business. When all meetings were cancelled, we thought that we could manage our annual April Board meeting and AGM through email correspondence.

However, in a circular entitled Public Library Pandemic Response Library Board Governance During the COVID-19 Outbreak, Dr. Diana Davidson, Director of PLSB, clarified how Board meetings must be conducted, as follows:

Meetings by electronic means as per section 33(1) of the Libraries Act, library boards “shall meet at least once every 4 months.” In addition, “[e]very meeting of a board is open to the public” (Libraries Regulation, Section 5(1)). PLSB will deem an electronic meeting to have met these requirements as long as: 

After receiving this circular earlier this week, we jumped into action to organize a Zoom teleconference. The agenda for this meeting has been pared down considerably, but we need to do the necessary business to be eligible to receive the annual provincial operating grant. This means that the Board needs to review and approve the 2019 audited financials and Marigold’s 2019 annual report. The motions for most of the essential business of the AGM will be included in a survey (Survey Monkey), that will stay open from late April 9 to 4 pm on April 20. In the survey, we will ask you to identify yourself as well as vote Yes or No on the motions, and you can insert comments and questions for each of the motions.

For the balance of the routine business at the Board meeting, our Chair, Lynda Lyster, will read the motions, ask for someone to make the motion and a seconder, and then ask if there is anyone opposed to the motion. The motions to be dealt with in this manner include the approval of minutes for the January 25 Board meeting and Marigold financials.