Brooks Public Library Board

Winner of 2019 Award of Excellence

ALTA president, Dr. Tanya Pollard, presented the City of Brooks Public Library Board with the 2019 Award of Excellence on Wednesday, May 15th.

Brooks Library Manager, Lisa Crosby, said “Our Trustees are big picture thinkers who know when to dig into the nitty-gritty and when to let their vision rise above the whirlwind of everyday business. They have the forethought to develop policy that adapts well and they stay on top of it with an industrious review schedule. The Access to Services policy is a real step forward in how the library meets community needs. Essentially, the board committed library services to consider the needs of each patron individually to ensure that the needs of our whole community are met – not in spite of our innumerable diversities, but because of them.”

Lets make sure to give a big Congratulations to the Brooks Public Library Trustees for their extraordinary work! Enjoy your new home! Take a look at their website