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ALTA Supports Inclusiveness

ALTA supports and encourages public libraries to welcome all individuals, regardless of heritage, education, beliefs, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental capabilities, or income.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in library programming and all populations should be actively considered and included when designing and marketing library programming.

Libraries understand that an acceptance of differences can place individual and collective values in conflict. Libraries are committed to tolerance and understanding. Libraries act to ensure that people can enjoy services free from any attempt by others to impose values, customs or beliefs.

(As adapted from CFLA and OLITA position statement on Diversity and Inclusion)

 “It is the responsibility of libraries to guarantee and facilitate access to   all expressions of knowledge and  intellectual activity, including those which some elements of society may consider to be unconventional,  unpopular, or unacceptable. To this end, libraries shall acquire and make available the widest variety of  materials…Libraries should resist  all efforts to limit the exercise of these responsibilities while recognizing the  right of  criticism by individuals and groups.” – Canadian Library Association 

 “Under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the fundamental freedoms of thought, belief and expression  allows every Canadian to explore different ideas, hear all sides of an issue and gather information to make well-  educated and informed decisions.” EPL Intellectual Freedom Brochure

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