Exploring the Library Community

Every profession, business and sector has its special language (and its shortcuts or acronyms) and it can be difficult at first to understand it all. By their nature, libraries share resources and support each other. As a starting point, you should know about these organizations.

ALTA  Alberta Library Trustees Association 
ALTA represents the interests of Alberta library trustees, patrons and public library supporters by promoting library service, leadership in communication, advocacy, and trustee learning.

APLEN Alberta Public Library Electronic Network 
APLEN helps provincial libraries collaborate, cooperate, and innovate by coordinating an electronic network and the Ask A Question service with participating post-secondary libraries. APLEN also helps with staff development and training.

TAL The Alberta Library 
TAL is a consortium of public, academic and special libraries whose vision is “barrier-free access for Albertans to information, ideas and culture.” It also operates the TAL Card and TAL Online.

LAA Library Association of Alberta 
LAA promotes intellectual freedom and continuing education.

ALC Alberta Library Conference 
The ALC is the annual conference hosted by Library Association of Alberta and Alberta Library Trustees Association. It is open to library staff, trustees, and library school students.

CLA Canadian Library Association 
CLA represents the national library and information community, delivering a range of services to professional librarians, library technicians and the organizations that employ them.