Growing into Trusteeship

Whether you have been a Trustee for a week or a term, are preparing for your first Board meeting or your 15th, there is always room to grow. The goal is to keep learning. Revisit ideas, add new knowledge and skills to the mix and apply what you know to both the routine and the more challenging aspects of trusteeship. Continue to nourish your curiosity, extend your reach and get to know your Trustee colleagues.

Visit this web site regularly to see what’s new. Check out new topics, review old ones, or download a printable leaflet.

Participate in conferences such as the annual Alberta Library Conference and other local and regional events planned for you as a Library Trustee.

Explore by checking out the topics on the Branching Out. Come back often for new posts.

Take stock of how you are doing by completing a self assessment, or ask for feedback from a colleague or your Board Chair.

Set goals for your growth as a Trustee, and ask for help from your Board Chair and others to achieve them.