Trustee Toolkit

Keeping Records

As Chair, it’s not likely that you will keep the Board’s records or minutes yourself (See Assigning roles and responsibilities). However, you are responsible to ensure that accurate, organized records of the Board are maintained. Good records ensure continuity of governance and administration.

Check your records against the checklist.

Library Board and committee minutes are public documents. They are the official record of the business of the Board. When minutes of a meeting are approved, The Libraries Act requires that the presiding chair sign them, and this official copy is kept on file at the library in books kept by the Board for that purpose.

Check your minutes against the checklist.

Copies of System Board minutes must be sent to the Public Libraries Services Branch, Alberta Municipal Affairs. The signed minutes are the official version accepted in a court of law.

Committees should submit written reports, if not minutes, as a record of their activity and actions.

Library Board meetings are public and Board records (including the minutes) are also public. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) has applied to public libraries since 1999.

Trustee Toolkit