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Knowing what a Library Board Does

What is your board required to do? What does the Library Act say? The Regulations?

Library Boards are governing boards. They are accountable under the Libraries Act and Regulations and other applicable legislation to their appointing Councils for the service they provide.

Remember that governing boards are responsible to:

  • Set the library’s purpose
  • Set the rate of progress
  • Provide continuity
  • Confirm the library’s identity
  • Hire, monitor and evaluate one senior staff person.

Library boards are established through a bylaw passed by the Municipal Council.

Library regulations are specific about the requirements for bylaws, policies, and reporting. Bylaws are approved by your Board and are forwarded to the Municipal Council for approval. Council cannot rewrite your requested bylaw; that can only be done by the Board. Policies are developed and approved by the Board. The regulations also require that Boards file copies of their bylaws, plan of service, and policies with the Minister through the Public Library Services Branch.

In addition to the legislation and regulations specific to libraries, your Board must comply with other legislation, such as Occupational Health and Safety and FOIP.

Go to Meeting policy and bylaw requirements to learn more about the requirements of your Board and the laws governing Library Boards.

Trustee Toolkit