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Meeting policy and bylaw requirements

As Chair, you want to ensure that your Board complies with the Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation. This is the Act under which you are constituted as a corporation. You have the same powers of a corporation, limited only by legislation which requires that your name be “The [name of municipality] Library Board” (see section 3 (4) of the Act).

Under the Act and Regulations, you must file copies of your bylaws, goals and objectives (Plan of Service), and policies, with the Minister, through the Public Library Services Branch, Alberta Municipal Affairs.

If you are a regional System Board, you must also file:

  • Information about your Board members and service points
  • Minutes and resolutions of your meetings immediately after each board meeting.

Failure of any Board to comply with the Act and its related Regulations may jeopardize annual grants. Make sure that you are familiar with the requirements of the Act. Contact the Public Library Services Branch if you are unclear about your responsibilities under the Act.

For a checklist of bylaws under the Libraries Regulation and other legislation, click here.

Click here for a checklist of policies required under the Libraries Regulation and other legislation in Alberta.

Trustee Toolkit