New Resources for Non-Profit Boards to Support COVID-19 Impact

These two websites below are offering excellent resources for AB Boards to effectively manage the changes/impact of COVID-19:

COVID-19 Resources for Non-profits

While the risk of COVID-19 remains low in Alberta, the situation is quickly changing, and we must all be engaged in preparing for the potential that the risk may increase. As non-profits, we are closely connected within the community, and it is important that we are prepared and can help others prepare as well.

These unprecedented and challenging times have emphasized the non-profit sector’s ability to adapt and respond. Many organizations have quickly come together to create resources to help your organization with fundraising concerns, human resources issues, mental health supports, and other important topics that are top of mind for your non-profit right now. Below we’ve included some of these resources that have been created to help you during these difficult times. 

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Alberta’s non-profit sector is a vital aspect of the support system that our communities and Albertans will rely on, particular during a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In many cases, we are at the front lines of caring for this province’s most vulnerable.

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