September 2020 Newsletter

What's New

  • ALTA Webinars
  • COVID Relief, Recovery, Resilience
  • 2020 Handbook
  • 2021 Membership Fees
  • 2020 Lorne MacRae Award Winner
  • New ALTA Board
  • Consider joining the ALTA Board
  • Questions?  ALTA is ready to help!
  • System Conference in October
  • Calgary Chamber Of Voluntary Organizations: Non-Profit Newsletter
  • 2020 Canada Volunteer Awards
  • Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations: Non-Profit Bulletin Board
  • Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations: Quick Hits


ALTA would like to extend our appreciation to Minister Madu for all of your support for Alberta Public Libraries, and congratulate Minister Allard on her new role with Municipal Affairs!

ALTA Webinars

ALTA is working with our library partners to develop online training webinars for trustees emphasizing skills needed to be an effective member of a public library board. This will be a series with many different topics presented by seasoned trustees and professionals. The webinars are formatted to be viewed at your next library board meeting or individually to increase your knowledge.

COVID Relief, Recovery, Resilience

Have you had the chance to check out the extensive list of covid resources posted on the ALTA website?  


We have gathered resources from our partners, PLSB, library systems, Alberta non-profit association, ECVO and CCVO to ensure you have the information you need to reopen your library and make those important decisions. 


Click here to view COVID-19 Resources


If you still have questions, be sure to checkout the trustee forum.  Your question may have already been discussed (check using the search bar feature) or you may want to just post your question and wait for trustees across Alberta to share their wisdom with you. You can also connect with your local ALTA representative, you can find their email here:



2020 Handbook

Were almost ready to launch the new 2020 handbook! Not only are we launching the new trustee handbook in print format but it will also be available in a new format on the website. We have also added a new search bar so information is easier to find and easier to print.


Watch for its release this fall!

2021 Membership Fees

As ALTA moves forward over the next couple of years, we intend to expand the services, support, and value that we provide to trustees across the province.  We would like to provide resources and education that is much more interactive and accessible.  We intend to enhance the operations of ALTA by focusing on our operational efficiency, new and ongoing training for members and a new way of offering conference sessions outside the confines of traditional conference formats.  To accomplish this, we had to make some important changes to our fee structure to maintain the viability and operations of our organization…

Click here to read more


New ALTA Membership fees for 2021

  • Serving 0 – 599 people – $60
  • Serving 600 – 1,025 people – $80
  • Serving 1,026 – 2,999 people – $125
  • Serving 3,000 – 4,999 people – $200
  • Serving 5,000 – 8,999 people – $300
  • Serving 9,000 – 11,999 people – $400
  • Serving 12,000 – 17,999 people – $600
  • Serving 18,000 – 34,999 people – $800
  • Serving 35,000 – 200,000 people – $1,250
  • Serving a system – $2,500
  • Serving 2 cities – $3,000

Annual Membership Fees for individual trustees / or supporters

  • Past Trustee – $35
  • Supporter – $50

2020 Lorne MacRae Award Winner



ALTA President Jennifer Anheliger presents the Lorne MacRae award to Jennifer McDevitt


The Alberta Library Trustees’ Association is delighted to present the Lorne MacRae Intellectual Freedom Award to Jennifer McDevitt for her presentation, “Words that Start with E and Other Reasons for Librarians to Fight Climate Change and Climate Change Denial“. 


The Lorne MacRae Intellectual Freedom Award is presented annually at the Alberta Library Conference to recognize and exemplifies the values and beliefs of Lorne MacRae and encourages, enlightens and empowers the importance of Intellectual Freedom. 


(Even though 2020 ALC was canceled, the Calgary Foundation requested the award to proceed)


Click here for more information on the Lorne MacRae award

New ALTA Board

Warm welcome to our newest members of the 2020 ALTA Board.


New President: Jennifer Anheliger – Area 8 (Northern Lights)

EPL: Sandra Marin

Area 2 (YRL): Hank Smit

Consider joining the ALTA Board

If your ready to take your trustee passion to the next level, consider joining the ALTA Provincial Team;


The following Positions are open:

  • Area 6 (Shortgrass) Director board position is open


Alternate positions are also open for the following Areas:

  • Area 2 (Yellowhead)
  • Area 3 (Parkland)
  • Area 4 (Marigold)
  • Area 5 (Chinook Arch)
  • Area 6 (Shortgrass)
  • Area 8 (Northern Lights)

For more information please contact or go here for the nomination form.

Questions? ALTA is ready to help!

System Conference in October


Registration is now open for Stronger Together, a virtual library conference hosted jointly by Parkland Regional Library System, The Alberta Library, Peace Library System & Yellowhead Regional Library.


The conference will take place over two days on October 1 & 2, 2020, and features 41 great speakers, 4 keynote sessions, 24 conference sessions, and 2 vendor panels. And best of all… Stronger Together is free to attend!


At our conference website, you can explore all the details of the conference schedule, find answers to frequently asked questions, and register to attend. Registration will close Monday, September 28th, so sign up now to save your spot.


Join us October 1 & 2, 2020 as we become Stronger Together


Calgary Chamber Of Voluntary Organizations: Non-Profit Newsletter

The Calgary Chamber Of Voluntary Organizations have released their latest newsletter!  Topics include:


  • #ABCommunityAdvantage: Join the Conversation
  • Leadership Development for Executive Directors and CEOs: Apply Today!
  • Policy Highlights
  • Funding & Grants
  • Code the Change YYC
  • and more!


Check out their newsletter by clicking here

2020 Canada Volunteer Awards

The call for nominations for Canada’s Volunteer Awards is currently open, and we encourage you to nominate a not-for-profit organization, an individual, a group of volunteers, a social enterprise or a business that is making a difference in their community. Nominations will be accepted until September 30, 2020.


Twenty-one awards in five categories

There is one national award:

  • Thérèse Casgrain Lifelong Achievement Award : for individuals who demonstrate exceptional achievements through volunteering for at least 20 years

And four regional awards (awarded in 5 regions):

  • Emerging Leader: Youth aged 18 to 30 who have demonstrated community leadership
  • Community Leader: Individuals or a group of volunteers who have taken a lead role in developing solutions to social challenges in their communities.
  • Business Leader: Businesses that demonstrate social responsibility in their practices, as well as for profit and not-for-profit social enterprises dedicated to creating social, cultural or environmental benefits for their communities
  • Social Innovator: Recognizes the contributions of not-for-profit organizations, including not-for-profit social enterprises that find and use innovative approaches that address social challenges in their communities.

The recognition package for award recipients includes a $5,000 or $10,000 grant to be awarded to the not-for-profit organization of the recipient’s choosing.


We all play a role in recognizing volunteers. That person or organization in your community that you admire for their inspiring work? Nominate them for an award today!

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations: Non-Profit Bulletin Board

Their new newsletter has been released and includes topics on:

  • Learn what it takes to broker strong partnerships remotely at a free virtual webinar with JS Daw & Associates
  • Build your skills & confidence to optimize your virtual multi-stakeholder partnerships
  • Get a foot in the door with the affordable introductory Brokering Better partnerships course!

Click here to read the newsletter

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations: Quick Hits

Your two-minute catch-up on all things non-profit in Edmonton and includes topics such as:

  • Partnership Brokers
  • Financial Training
  • Social Enterprise Bootcamp
  • Community Initiatives Program

Click here to read the newsletter