Being an effective Board member

Are you ready to commit to the role of Library Trustee, your fellow Trustees, your library and your community? Here are some tips to help you be the best you can be in this important role.

Set aside time for Board and committee meetings and special events. Put them in your calendar as important dates.

Arrive on time and stay until the meeting is over.

Prepare for meetings by reading the agenda, reports, and preparing questions in advance.

Participate with professionalism and diligence in all events. Ask questions and contribute your ideas and suggestions.

Avoid doing your Library Manager’s work. Your Library Manager is there every day, using professional expertise for library operations. You need to focus on the Board’s responsibilities! Go to Understanding who does what for clarification of roles for the Board and Library Manager.

Respect confidentiality of in camera meetings during your term as a trustee and beyond. Keep relationships with fellow trustees, the Library Manager and staff professional and courteous.

Seize the opportunity to promote your library at every turn!

Learn as much as you can about your library, the system of libraries in Alberta, the relevant legislation behind decisions and activities of your Board, and the role of Trustees. Read, listen, watch and attend sessions for Library Trustees. See Growing into Trusteeship for information about ways to grow into your role as a Library Trustee. Have fun!

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