Branching Out

Branching Out is a diverse collection of resources and information about library trusteeship, effective boards and more. Like a tree, Branching Out allows you to grow in any direction, reaching your full potential as an individual trustee and as a Board. From here, you can link to every page on this site, and to resources from other organizations. Check back often. We’re growing this database of useful resources to meet your needs. Branching Out will continue to grow with your help. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you think we’ve missed something, drop us a line and let us know.


Best Practices

  • TechSoup, 12 Tips to Being Safer Online Social Media and Web Presence Managment
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    Board & Trustee Evaluation

  • Board Chair Feedback Form ALTA Leaflet
  • Board Minutes Checklist ALTA Leaflet
  • Board Records Checklist ALTA Leaflet
  • Board Self-Evaluation Questionnaire Strathcona County Library
  • Going in camera ALTA Trustee Learning
  • Growing into the role of Chair ALTA Trustee Learning
  • Growing into Trusteeship ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Knowing what to expect at meetings ALTA Trustee Learning
  • Orientation Checklist ALTA Leaflet
  • Plans of Service in Alberta Public Libraries, presentation Government of Alberta, Public Library Services Branch
  • Sample Board Position Descriptions ALTA Leaflet
  • The Georgia Public Library Trustee Manual Tools for Trustees
  • Trustee Self-Assessment ALTA Leaflet
  • Working with the Library Manager ALTA Trustee Learning
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  • Committee Terms of Reference ALTA Leaflet
  • Edmonton Public Library Board Centennial Committee (sample Terms of Reference)
  • Establishing committees ALTA Trustee Learning
  • Parkland Regional Library (brochure) Municipal Council Roles and Responsibilities concerning Municipal Library Boards in Alberta
  • Standards for Member Libraries within Alberta’s Regional Library System Government of Alberta, Public Library Services Branch
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    Financial Responsibilities

  • Learning the financial basics ALTA Trustee Learning: Learning the financial basics
  • Understaning financial statements Board Development Program
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    Governance & Leadership

  • Agenda samples ALTA Leaflet:
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities ALTA Trustee Learning
  • Handling motions ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Keeping records ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Leading effective meetings ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Policies and Procedures Workbook (Volunteer Alberta)
  • Setting the calendar for the year ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Understanding key duties of the Chair ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Understanding your role as Chair ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Using rules of order ALTA Trustee Learning:
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    Policy & Bylaw Requirements

  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), Guidelines and Practices 2009 Government of Alberta
  • Knowing what your Board does ALTA Trustee Learning
  • Libraries Act Regulation, 2008 Government of Alberta
  • Libraries Act, 2007 Government of Alberta
  • Library Board Bylaws ALTA Leaflet:
  • Library Policies ALTA Leaflet:
  • Meeting policy and bylaw requirements ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Municipal Council Roles and Responsibilities concerning Municipal Library Boards in Alberta Parkland Regional Library (brochure)
  • Robert’s Rules of Order Online
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    Representing Your Library

  • Exploring the larger library community ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Idaho Commission for Libraries Community and Public Relations
  • Knowing your local library ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Marketing 101: Expanding the Library’s Customer Base Marigold Library System
  • Representing your Board ALTA Trustee Learning:
  • Talking up your library ALTA Trustee Learning:
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  • Cautions: Knowing Your Roles and Responsibilities
  • Meetings: Understanding library board meetings
  • Three Hats: Trustee roles and responsibilities
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