Trustee Toolkit

Planning and Recruitment

Did you know you are required by law to meet at least four times per year? It’s critical that every Board member knows the key dates on your calendar of meetings, events, and commitments so timely, informed decisions can be made.

  1. Identify due dates for the Annual Report, budget, grant applications, and Plan of Service. Months of planning go into these documents and you may want to vet them with the appropriate committees prior to seeking approval at a Board meeting. Track backwards through the process, to ensure that drafts are prepared, scheduled for discussion, and recommended to Board before they are due.

  2. Schedule Board business such as orientation of new trustees, annual election of Board executive positions, and other annual group activities such as recognition, retirement or fundraising events.

  3. Block off annual professional development and other events, including ALTA meetings and training sessions, Alberta Library Conference, or Municipal Council meetings.

  4. Set your meeting schedule, remembering that your Board is required by law to meet at least four times per year. Include committee and Board meetings, to ensure that your schedule allows you to get the work done in a timely manner.

Working with your Library Manager and Board Secretary to organize the year’s work makes it easier for everyone to plan their time. Print and distribute your calendar or provide it online, so everyone knows what to expect!

Trustee Toolkit