Trustee Toolkit

Understanding Who does What

As a policy governing board, you have one employee. This person may be known as the Library Manager or the Chief Executive Officer. The roles and functions of the board and the employee are quite different. The Board:

  • Identifies community needs
  • Develops the Plan of Service which includes long and short term goals, objectives and plans
  • Prepares bylaws for Council approval and sets policy
  • Determines a budget and secures funds to meet it
  • Hires, monitors and evaluates the Library Manager/CEO
  • Monitors and evaluates library services provided
  • Promotes the library in the community
  • Creates a structure to carry out the Board’s work.

The Library Manager:

  • Interprets Board direction and develops programs and services to meet community needs
  • Implements the Plan of Service
  • Makes recommendations for bylaw and policy changes based on staff and community feedback
  • Prepares budget for Board approval; monitors and reports on budget
  • Hires and manages all other library personnel
  • Evaluates program achievements and reports to the Board
  • Engages community and builds support for the library
  • Supports the Board.

Who does what?

The line of authority goes from the Board through the Chair to the Library Manager to the library staff and volunteers. Feedback from patrons and staff comes back the opposite way! The Board Chair monitors the work of the Library Manager. The Library Manager oversees and implements delivery of library services. The Library Manager also attends all board meetings (with the possible exception of some in camera meetings), and may attend meetings of board committees.

Trustee Toolkit