ALTA March 2018 Report

Date Posted : April 20 2018

2018 Symposium for Trustees & Library Managers:

The Human Resources Symposium hosted by ALTA and PLSB on February 23 & 24th, was a great success with over 170 people participating.  The agenda was packed with guest speakers who delved into many of the topics we are all facing; new employment standards, job descriptions, performance appraisal, personnel policies, working alone, benefits, board and staff relations, grievances and best practices.

If you missed it, please contact Jen Anderson at PLSB, as there are still some USB sticks available with all the speakers notes, just send her a fast email if you would like one mailed out to you!

If you rather hear all the symposium highlights and are attending the 2018 ALC, be sure to head into “Trustee Solutions” session, see the full schedule below.

2018 ALC

Join us for the following Trustee Sessions:

Thursday3:00                 Trustee Welcome Table

Friday              10:45               B2 Creating Better Communities Thru Libraries 
                        1:30                C1 Trustees 2.0
                        4:00                 ALTA AGM in the Clubhouse

Saturday         1:45                 F2 Everything to know about your Library Director
                       1:30                 G1 Trustee Connect,
                       3:00                 H9 Trustee Solutions

Trustee Education

The Education Committee is gearing up for another busy year.  This year they are tackling the Trustee Handbook.  The new 2018 version will be updated, featuring more content, more resources and possibly templates!   They have many other projects including educational podcast or series of YouTube educational mini videos, cross your fingers the grant funding is approved! They are also developing additional educational sessions for Regional System Library Conferences.

Meet your New ALTA Board Team 2018

President                                             Dr Tanya Pollard              (Term begins April 27, 2018)

Area 1   (Peace)                                 Brenda Kerr                         (Alternate position is open)

Area 2   (Yellowhead)                       Dr Tanya Pollard                 Jocelyn Pelkey, Alternate

Area 3 (Parkland)                             Bob Green                            Jane Skocodopole, Alternate

Area 4   (Marigold)                          Lennox Gomes                     Geoff Ball, Alternate

Area 5   (Chinook Arch)                  Vic Mensch                           Doug Logan, Alternate

Area 6   (Shortgrass)                      Ernest Mudie                       (Alternate position is open)

Area 7 (Metro)                                Colleen Burton-Ochocki     Barbara Hahn, Alternate

Area 8   (Northern Lights)            Jennifer Anheliger               Stephen Defoe, Alternate

EPL                                                 Jill Scheyk                              Nazir Mulji, Alternate

CPL                                                 Judy Gray                              Avnish Mehta, Alternate

Sadly we say goodbye to some of our former ALTA Team…

We would like to thank all of you for your tremendous service & dedication to ALTA!

President                                             Laura Ross-Giroux

Area 1   (Peace)                                 Raoul Johnson                 

Area 4   (Marigold)                           Lois Bedwell, Alternate

Area 6   (Shortgrass)                       Catharine Richardson

Area 7 (Metro)                                 Stuart McGowan

Area 8   (Northern Lights)             Larry Tiedemann

2018 ALTA Memberships

If you are still not getting the Trustee Voice – electronic newsletter, please check with your Library Manager to ensure your 2018 Membership is paid and she has added your email address onto your ALTA membership account.  But if you‘re in a hurry you can always check it out on line at the ALTA website.

ALTA Board Meetings for 2018

April 26th, 6:00 pm, ALC Dining Room, Jasper

May 17, 6:30 p.m.

June 1-3, Board Retreat in Caroline, AB. (Lazy M Guest Ranch)

September 20th, 6:30 p.m.

November 22, 6:30 p.m.