ALTA’s Board Minutes

Board of Director’s Face to Face Meeting
Spruce Grove, Saturday, June 15th, 2019
10:00 am – 3:00 p.m. Consent AGENDA

(In attendance, Colleen McClure, Lennox Gomes, Tanya Pollard, Jennifer Anheliger, Bob Green, , Beth Gillis,)

(Regrets, Vic Mensch, Ernest Mudie, Jocelyn Phu, Jane Skocdopole, Geoff Ball, Jocelyn Pelkey, Jen Anderson)

1. Call to order – Tanya 10:12 am
2. Approve Agenda

  Motion by Bob, to accept the agenda as changed, CARRIED

3. Approve March 28th, 2019 Minutes

 Motion by Bob, second by Beth, CARRIED

4. Consent Agenda

a. The President’s Report – verbal report
b. The Executive Director (ED) Report as circulated

Reports approved by consensus 

5. Projects

I. Operations, (policies, job descriptions, commitment letter)


Welcome package 

Memlink Contract (ALTA Website/Database)

Motion by Jen to approve severing the contact with Memlink to oversee our database and website.  Bob added, and associated new purchases with new software. CARRIED.

II. Education

LAA – United Library group

III. Membership

IV. Partners/Stakeholders


New Alternate for Area 1 (Peace): Camille from Hines Creek.

Motion by Jenn to accept the nomination of Camille for Area 1. CARRIED

V. ALTA Board 

Motion by Jenn to accept the nomination of Camille for Area 1. CARRIED


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Advocacy Discussion with Karla, YRL Director

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Advocacy “It’s A Way of Thinking”

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