Library Funding Update from ALTA President

August 14, 2019

Hello fellow Library Trustees,

As most of you are aware, the provincial government has yet to approve their 2020 budget. This event is projected to occur in October and in the meantime, 50% of the past year’s funding has been promised for our libraries. The 50% funding has been released to allow operations until the budget is approved and implemented. This does NOT mean that 50% is ALL libraries will be getting! It means that there is some significant deliberation happening and deliberations take time.

The key strategy we need to engage here is patience.

Some points to remember:

Engage your local MLA’s during this time. Send them a letter outlining what government funding means to YOUR library. Thank them for their continued support.


Together, we are a powerhouse of voices. It is imperative we make our voices heard.

The message – Libraries are important. We depend on government funding to do great things for our communities. In order to secure funding, we must be clear, show great strength and demonstrate our willingness to work collaboratively with the provincial government to make things happen in this province.

Share those results with your MLA. What is the REAL cost, beyond dollars and cents, of budget cuts? For every dollar lost/gained, what does that mean for your community?

ALTA is behind each and every library trustee and every library board in Alberta. We have sent multiple letters of advocacy to Minister Madu. We are ready to start sharing more advocacy materials with our trustees and we are collaborating with the Systems to make sure this information is readily available to be accessed.

Standing together, we will ensure our libraries remain strong and supported.

Together, we will make things happen. Together, we are Strong!!


Dr. Tanya Pollard


Alberta Library Trustees Association