ALTA Webinar Series: Episode 6


ALTA Webinar Series Episode 6: Policy

ALTA empowers trustees to become strong leaders in their library communities and strives to ensure that all library trustees have access to the information, resources, communication, and training they need to be effective and strong leaders within their library communities.  


We are pleased to announce that our 6th webinar episode has launched.  Our newest episode “Policy” is available for library boards to utilize for professional development. Policy development and review is often an area of stress for library boards.  This webinar explains the purpose of policy, with suggestions about how to make it work for your library. This webinar includes a conversation with Town of Swann Hills Councillor, Jeff Goebel and Compliance Consultant at NorQuest College, Michael McNichol.


This webinar is a great exercise in professional development for boards to complete as a group and short enough to be added to your regular board agenda package, or for individual trustees who want to expand their governance knowledge.  


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Jennifer Anheliger President – Alberta Library Trustees Association