ALTA Webinar Series


ALTA Webinar Series: Episode 1

We are pleased to announce that our webinar series has launched.  Our first webinar “Should I vote for this budget” is available for member library boards to utilized for professional development.  This webinar includes a conversation between a trustee and an accountant to address questions trustees should be comfortable with when they are faced with making decisions about the budget. 


Also included is an information package that will provide some sample policies, a glossary, and links to the Libraries Act sections that refer to budget responsibilities of the board. This webinar is a great exercise in professional development for boards to complete as a group, or for individual trustees who want to expand their governance knowledge. 


Please note our webinars are available for current members only and will require logging in to view.  Please contact if you require assistance or need to renew your ALTA membership. 


Thank you for your continued support of ALTA.


Jenn Anheliger

President – Alberta Library Trustees Association