August 2019



New Website and Database

Thanks to the countless hours of our two computer engineer students, Jonathon Klassen and Rhoel Lazo, they have developed a new customized website and database.
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NEW Trustee Forum!

Message Board for Trustees
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Submissions for the 2020 ALC

Theme this year is “VISION 2020” Closes September 27th, 2019.

Vision 2020 will celebrate visionaries from libraries and beyond by reminding us of the endless opportunities we have to create change in not only our communities, but in the lives of the people we impact. Planning for the future of libraries takes innovative thinking, creative solutions, and imagining what is possible.

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Library System Conferences

We’re on the road again! Don’t miss President Tanya Pollard’s presentations.
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Calendar of Upcoming Events

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Advocacy Podcast

Check out the Advocacy Podcast with Dr. Margaret Law & Punch Jackson.

Welcome New ALTA Board Area Representatives!

Area 1 (Peace)


Area 7 (Metro) 




Beth Gillis


Colleen McClure 


Brian Heidecker


Camille Zavisha
Craig Blackmore
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NEW Advocacy Tools

Learn more about the New Policy Advocacy Tools

 Tell us Your Library Stories

Come on don’t be shy, brag a little and share with us your library stories, the ones that make your librarians smile.  The ones your Board like to share!
Send them to ALTA, we are collecting the stories and would love to feature the great work happening in your library community!

Publishers’ embargo on eBooks ‘could be crippling’ to Edmonton libraries

Edmonton Public Library is joining a North America-wide network that’s urgently calling on publishers to revamp a growing licensing system for the kind of eBook you could read on a Kindle or other electronic device.

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