January 2019

2019-2021 ALTA Board Nominations

Are you ready to put your years of library board of expertise to work? We need your passion and your experience!

Nominations are now open for:

  • Areas 1 (Peace)
  • Area 3 (Parkland)
  • Area 5 (Chinook)
  • Area 7 (Metro Edmonton)

Nominations will close on January 31, 2019. Click here to nominate!


2019 ALTA Awards. It’s time to recognize the achievements of your library board and trustees! Nominations are now open.

  1. Lois Hole Lifetime Achievement Award  (library trustee serving over 10 years)
  2. Excellence Award – 20k  (library boards serving 20K people or less)
  3. Excellence Award – 20k+ (library boards serving over 20K people)

2019 Minister’s Awards and YOU Libraries Award

Nominations for the 2019 Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Library Service are now open and will close on February 15, 2019! All complete Minister’s Award nominations will automatically be eligible for the YOU Libraries Award. Click here to nominate.

2019 ALTA Memberships

Don’t forget to update your library board (names and emails) to ensure your board receives the e-newsletter, breaking news, opportunity to vote and can access the UPCOMING Trustee Link!
Register your library board on your ALTA account.

ALTA Board in Action

Another successful ALTA Board Development Retreat has taken place. Stay tuned for many new developments!

Dr. Tanya Pollard at the System Conferences

Watch for Dr. Tanya Pollard, President of ALTA, at the Southern Alberta Library Conference on February 28 to March 2, 2019. Click here for more details!


To be nominated on the ALTA board you need to be serving on your library system board?

Answer: FALSE
Library trustees do not need to be serving on your library system board, to be nominated to the ALTA board. To be nominated on the ALTA board, library trustees must be sitting on a local public library board and can only secure a nomination in the Area their library board resides. For example, if a trustee is serving on the Elk Point Library board, they can only seek nomination for Area 8 (Northern Lights).

ALTA Board Alternate Nominations

Perhaps you’re thinking about joining the ALTA Board but would welcome some mentoring first? Consider an ALTA board alternate position.

Nominations are now open for:

  • Areas 1 (Peace)
  • Area 3 (Parkland)
  • Area 5 (Chinook)
  • Area 6 (Shortgrass)
  • Area 7 (Metro Edmonton)

Nominations will close on January 31, 2019. Click here to nominate!

Can municipal libraries fundraise?

Municipal library boards are defined as corporations by the Libraries Act and are able to engage in fundraising activities. However, there are some fundraising activities with potentially large revenues that public library boards are unable to participate in, such as casinos. Click here to continue reading!

Sexual Harassment by Patrons in Public Libraries: Acknowledge It and Support Your Staff

Sexual harassment by patrons in public libraries is a long-standing and widespread problem, but few public libraries in Alberta formally acknowledge this issue. Sexual harassment in libraries can take on many forms and must be taken seriously. Click here to read more!

New CPL Library opens!

The new Central Library opened in November 2018. The 240,000 square foot building has five levels that will contain about 600,000 items. Click here to learn more!

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