Sample Terms of Reference



The Edmonton Public Library will celebrate 100 years of library service in the City of Edmonton in 2013 and the Board and Staff would like to highlight accomplishments in a celebration that will occur throughout the centenary year. One of the goals will be to build a sense of pride in the Library’s history and, in doing so, strengthen connections with both its internal and external communities. In addition, the profile of the Library will be heightened and a lasting legacy established.

The Edmonton Public Library Board has established the Centennial Committee as an ad hoc committee of the Board to guide the development and implementation of the year long celebrations. The work of the Centennial Ad Hoc Committee will take place from 2011 – 2013. The Committee will consist of an Executive who will oversee the planning, execution and progress of all the centenary events. The Managers/Team Leaders will be instrumental in generating ideas pertaining to their specific areas.


The purpose of the Centennial Ad Hoc Committee is to


Membership of the Centennial Ad Hoc Committee will comprise the following individuals/representatives:


Managers/Team Leaders


The Executive Committee will meet at regular intervals, but not less than once every second month beginning in 2011. The entire Centennial Ad Hoc Committee will meet quarterly beginning in 2011.


The Centennial Ad Hoc Committee will be co-chaired by a Trustee (to be determined by the Library Board) and the CEO.

Authority and Decision-Making

The Centennial Ad Hoc Committee will develop a Centennial plan together with key events and resource implications for Board approval. The Centennial Ad Hoc Committee will have the authority to implement the Centennial plan as approved by the Board. The Managers/Team Leaders group will advise the Executive. The Executive will seek to reach consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, the decision-making will be by a majority vote.

Record Keeping and Reporting

A record of each meeting will be kept by the CEO’s Executive Assistant and minutes will be distributed to each member of the Committee in advance of the meetings. The Committee will report to the Board at regular intervals when Board approval is required and/or when progress reports are appropriate.


Amendments to these Terms of Reference may be made at any time by the Board following consultation with the Centennial Ad Hoc Committee.