Trustee Toolkit

Board Position Descriptions

Chair and Vice-Chair

  • Provides leadership to the Board
  • Sets the tone and climate for Board activity
  • Ensures that the Board meets requirements of trusteeship
  • Determines the need for meetings, sets the time, sets the agenda, and chairs meetings according to procedure accepted by the Board
  • Pursues knowledge of board and chair responsibilities, appropriate legislation, bylaws, policies, and  rules of order through ongoing development and education opportunities
  • Encourages collaboration among Board members
  • Facilitates the contribution of all trustees to Board business
  • Ensures that Board plans are followed, adhering to legislation, bylaws, and policy 
  • Ensures that proper records are kept and signs adopted minutes of meetings 
  • Has signing authority for library accounts 
  • Implements the decisions of the Board, usually assigning specific tasks or delegating to committee 
  • Ensures that committee chairs are in place, and may appoint committee chairs


  • Assumes duties of the chair in the absence of the chair 
  • May have signing authority on library accounts 
  • May have on-going assigned duties, such as trustee recruitment or orientation


  • Records minutes of Board meetings and provides copies to trustees at least one week prior to next  meeting, together with agendas and other required materials 

  • Maintains a file of original minutes and copies of reports, correspondence, etc., at the library 

  • Notifies Board members of meetings 

  • Handles library correspondence as directed by the Board 

  • May hold signing authority for library accounts 

  • Acts as chair if both chair and vice-chair are absent 

  • Confirms locations for meetings 

  • Brings required materials (board manual, minutes, and reports) to meetings 

  • Assists chair in developing agenda

Note: Boards may choose to have a non-trustee recording secretary who may be staff or a volunteer; if staff,  duties must be in job description and time is paid.


  • Chairs finance committee; prepares agenda for finance committee meetings 

  • Sets up and/or monitors bookkeeping/accounting procedures 

  • Is familiar with current accounting practice and applicable legislation 

  • Submits a financial summary and status report to Board meetings 

  • Has, with two or three others, signing authority for library accounts 

  • Prepares, with the senior staff person, an annual financial report 

  • Ensures that the annual report required by Alberta Municipal Affairs is properly prepared, audited, and  submitted 

  • Maintains a file of potential revenue sources, including application criteria, procedures, and deadlines,  and ensures that grants and special funding are correctly applied for 

  • Presents the Board’s budget and estimate of funds to council and other funding bodies 

  • Spearheads the development of Board financial policy

  • Takes advantage of training opportunities

Trustee Toolkit