Trustee Toolkit

Talking up your Library

Library boards serve the public interest. To do that effectively, every trustee needs to champion library values, build relationships with users and non-users, and talk with community members to gather their ideas about library services.

Much of a Board’s work focuses on relationship building and you must do your part, as an individual trustee and in partnership with your Board, the Library Manager and staff. Trustees and the Board need to speak with one voice on major issues, but as a community member, you need to be ready and willing to actively promote your library.

So what do you need to do to effectively talk up your library?

Visit: Be a library user. See the section, Knowing your local library.

Ask: Learn about your Board’s long range plans. Ask questions until you are confident talking about your library’s vision for the future and how it addresses community needs.

Share: Tell everyone you meet about your knowledge and experience of the library.

Listen: Be curious and concerned about what others say about your library.

Read: Learn about the shared values of all public library service:

  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Internet Access

Believe: Make it your mission to champion the work of staff and volunteers at your library.

Trustee Toolkit