Trustee Toolkit

Selecting a Secretary and Treasurer

You need to elect or designate people for two important roles that will assist the Board to function lawfully and effectively. In a small community, these roles may be filled by Trustees. In larger centres the roles of Secretary and Treasurer may be staff positions, such as Board Secretary and Chief Financial Officer or Treasurer.


The Secretary may be a member of your Board, a paid staff person, or a non-trustee volunteer. This individual looks after the many logistical tasks that make meetings run smoothly and in accordance with the law and your bylaws and policies.

  • Ensuring meeting logistics are handled lawfully and competently, and advising the Board Chair on these matters.
  • Recording minutes and circulating them to Trustees;
  • Handling Board correspondence; and
  • Possibly holding signing authority for library accounts.


The Treasurer is a member of your Board or a paid staff person, and his or her tasks may run the gamut from bookkeeping to financial monitoring and reporting. The treasurer works with
Trustees to ensure the financial health of the Board and the Library.

  • Sets up and monitors bookkeeping or accounting procedures;
  • Provides financial summaries and status reports to the Board on an agreed-to schedule;
  • Prepares, audits and submits an annual financial report to Public Library Services Branch;
  • Presents the Board’s budget to Council;
  • Has signing authority for Library accounts; and,
  • Spearheads the development of Board financial policies.

Trustee Toolkit